I’ll Be Thinking About You Part 5 (James)

“What in this world can take a man so long?!” You say

“I have no clue. I’m thinking the same thing.” Kendall says

“I’m going to call Emily really quick.”

“Wait. My wife?” Logan says

“Yes. Your wife.”

“I wanna talk to her.” He says.

“Here. Just don’t be long, I need to talk to her.”

“Okay.” Logan gets the phone and puts it on speaker.

“Hey love.” Em says in a cheerful tone

“Oh, its great, how are you?” Logan says.

“James?” Em says

“Guess again.” You tell her.


“Now your just playin stupid.” Logan says.

“DON’T TELL ME ITS LOGAN!!” Emily says

“It’s not Logan.” Logan says.

“Then its Carlos.”

“No. It’s Logan.” you say


“Hello their beautiful. How are you?” Logan says.

“I’m. I’m. Good. How are you?”

You and Logan exchanged a look that you could just tell that Logan loved surprising people.

“Great now that I’m talking to my wife.” Logan says.

“Did you just call me your wife?”

“Yes I did. Is that a problem?”

“No! Not at all!”

“Ha. Okay. Here’s (yn). I’ll talk to you later.”

“Get my number from her so we can-“

“Hey Em.” You say taking her off speaker.

“Give him my number so he can talk to me.”

“I will. How do you feel about taking a mini vacation?”

“What do you mean?”

“Call into work sick.”


“Just do it.”


“Show up at the airport when I text you. Ok? Pack for a few days.”

“Now I’m wondering.”

“Also bring your passport.”

“Ok. Not going to ask questions till I get to the airport and see you.”

“Alright I gotta go. I’ll text you in a while okay.”


“Start packing.”

“I am.”

“I love you.” you, Logan, and Kendall all say.

“I love you too.”

You hang up the phone and the boys look at you.


“Were stopping in Ohio I take it?”

“Yeah. I don’t want her to miss out on an opportunity like this!”

“That’s true.”

“Yep. Very.”

James and Carlos finally get in the car.

“Judas Priest what took so long?” Logan asked.

“We were having problems finding my passport.”

“I thought I told you I put it on the counter.”

“I didn’t hear you,” James says as he puts his arm around you and Kendall haled balls to the airport, “We looked all over the place for it then Carlos found it on the counter.”

“Only you would be so clumsy to forget where you put it.”

“I know.” James says as he cups your face in his hands and begins to kiss you passionatly. At this point the  guys are listening to their iPods as Kendall pulls off the exit.

“I love you. So much.” James says as he stares into you eyes.

“I can’t believe were going to Amsterdam. Oh. I called Emily. She’s going with us.”

“Really?! How did she get off work?”

“She hasn’t. She’s going to call work and tell them she’s sick.”


“That’s what I thought. But she’s only going to be their as long as we are which is till after the concert.”

“At least she’s going to be with us.”



Kendall pulls into the airport and goes to the back lot where the boy’s jet is, and their stands the pilot.

“Ready for this?” James asks as he grabs your hand.

“Yeah. Can you tell him that we need to make a stop in Ohio?”


All 5 of you get out of the car that someone goes and parks.

“Your 30 minutes late.” The pilot says.

“Sorry I lost my passport. By the way we need to stop in Cleveland, Ohio to get someone.”

“Okay. Hurry up so we can get their on time then.” the pilot says

You all 5 get on and of course your the first one on and your in shock that they fly on this thing. It’s got 3 beds. WHAT IS THIS! This is like a home. I’d live on here if I could you think to yourself.

“Go into the room that says James.” James says as he puts his hand on the small of your hand and leads you to the room.

“James we all need to talk.”

“Okay. I’ll be out their when we land in Ohio.”


James and you get in bed and cuddle till you two drift off to sleep and then wake up as you guys land in Ohio.

“I need to text Emily and tell her were here.”


You text Emily and tell her your their.

Logan runs into the airport and gets Emily and brings her to the plane within 5 minutes. Woah. Figured it’d be longer than that.

“I’m going to go out with the boy’s. You and Emily can sleep in here.” James stands at the foot of the bed putting his shirt back on. You get on you knee’s and go to the front of the bed and wrap your arms around his neck.

“Alright. I love you.” You tell James.

“I love you too.” James says as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into him and kisses you.

“GUESS WHO’S HERE BITCHES.” You hear Emily say. You stand up, run past James and hug Emily. It feels like years since you’ve last seen her, which in reality it’s only been like 3 days.

“EMILY!” you say as you hug her.

“Emily, this is Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and my boyfriend James.”

“Seems like you got a lot to catch me up on.”

“Oh I do.”

“You guy’s its a pleasure meeting you.”

You take Emily’s hand and guide her to where you just were at.

“Alright catch me up to speed.” Emily says as she starts to change her clothes into her pajamas.

“It’s only 2 in the afternoon?”

“I don’t care. I’m tired. Plane rides make me sleepy.”

“Okay. So. He asked me out and then the next day, yesterday, we went to Disney land, we were watching the fireworks and he was turning me on and then we got back to his place and made love. I don’t think I would of had better sex with another guy in my life.”

“EWW” Emily screams and the boy’s hear that and start to laugh.

“Then were here.” You tell her.

“Well. You got yourself a winner.” Emily says.

“Wait. Don’t you want Logan?”


“Rhetorical? Were going to get you two together.”

“Good.” Emily says as she gets under the covers and falls asleep and you get under them and go back to sleep. Then a few hours you hear a knock on the door.

“What?” you groan.

“Were eating supper.” James says.

“We’ll be out in a second.” Emily says.

You two walk out their in your pajamas and eat supper with the boys. They had some cold meat sandwiches and potato chips. Pretty simple supper.

“I feel like I’m drunk walking right now.” Emily says as you can tell you two are half away at the moment.

“So do I,” You tell her as you plop down on James’s lap, “James, will you feed me please.”

Logan looks at Emily and pats his lap and she sits on it.

“Your such a baby. Yes I will feed you.” James says.

He feeds you supper and then carries you back to the bedroom and you go back to sleep.

“Wait what’s Emily doing?” you ask James.

“She’s coming back now.”

“Okay. Goodnight I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

Emily walks back in and you two fall back asleep. About a few hours before you feel the plane landing.

“EARTHQUAKE” Emily says. Boys begin to laugh.

“Shut up.” Emily says as you get up and walk out their.

“I didn’t say anything hoe.”

“I was talking to the boy’s.”

“Okay I was going to say. Lets get ready to get off.”

You and Emily make the bed and grab your stuff and go out in the little sitting room of the plane and sit their as you two both look exhausted.

“How can you guys do this all the time?” You ask the boys

“Your body tends to get use to it.”

“I guess. It’d about have too.”

You two get out of the plane when it lands and the door opens get in the limo and head over to the hotel. You and James got your own room. Emily and Logan got their own room. Kendall got his own room. Carlos got his own room.

“I’m going to go back to sleep.” You tell James.

“Me too.” James says as he crawls into bed with you and cuddles with you and you fall asleep.

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