Daddy Kendall

This is for youcantspellloveyoufeelit. Daddy Kendall, picking out a name with Kendall, bringing home baby for the first time Kendall, no sleep because of baby Kendall, telling Kendall your pregnant. All mashed up into one. 


We all know how babies are made. We’ve all learned about it in health class. Had that awkward guy teacher showing you how to put a condom on a banana. We’ve all been there and done that. But since you were married to Kendall for about 3 years now, you two weren’t worried at the thought of having kids. He was still in Big Time Rush touring places. He was home a lot more now than when he started out. Sadly you found out you were with child before Kendall got back from this little county fair concerts. He was performing at his last one when you found out. You had no clue how you were going to tell Kendall then it just hit you. You might as well just tell him everything. You were sitting on the couch watching a baseball game when you heard the front door open. You jumped up and ran right into his arms and just stood there with tears in your eyes.

"Babe. What’s wrong? I’m home. there is nothing to worry about now." Kendall says cupping your face.

"I’m pregnant." you tell him smiling and holding his forearms.

"Oh my god babe that’s great! Wait that is great right?" he asks

"Yeah babe. It’s more than that though. It’s amazing because it’s something we made together." you said looking into his green eyes that just drawl you in every time you look into them.

~Fast forward 5 months

You and Kendall are fast asleep in bed, you feel the baby kick which wakes you up, and you groan then sit up.

"Baby, calm down. Just go to sleep please." you whisper to your stomach and rub it for a while to calm him or her down. You can feel Kendall start to move

"Are you ok babe?" he asks as he starts to sit up

"Yeah. Our little bundle of jumps is doing jumping jacks now."

"Oh my." he says as he places a hand on your stomach

"What are we going to name him or her?" you ask Kendall as you place your hand on top of his.

"Well, that’s up to you babe. What ever you choose it beautiful to me." he says looking down at you.

"Well, if it’s a boy, I wanna name him Kaine Francis with a K."

"I like it. He could be K to the 4th then." he starts to giggle.

"If it’s a girl. I wanna name her Kandace Rae with a K."

"We’ll it looks like were going to end up with a K to the 4th anyways." he says smiling

"Do you not want that?"

"No babe, it’s fine. It’s whatever you wanna do."

"I wanna sleep." you said sighing afterwards.

"We’ll I would too." he said bringing you down with him laying your head on his chest and the baby stopped all movement then.

~Fast forward to the hospital*

"Well, looks like you’ve gotten yourself a bouncing baby boy." you doctor says as you look at Kendall while he’s looking at the baby then looks at you.

The nurse hands you Kaine and you look into his eyes that were the same color as Kendall’s. Also looked like he was going to have all the facial structure of Kendall, hopefully not your attitude.

"We did it." Kendall says kissing the top of your head.

"I love you guys." you say to him and Kaine.

"and we love you." he says.

"You and your baby can go home the day after next." the doctor says

"Awesome. Thank you so much doctor."

"Not a problem it’s my job." the doctor says.

In the next 2 days all you do is sleep and get rested up for going home. Now that it’s time to go home you can’t wait to get the baby home.

"We’ll you’ve signed all the paperwork, you’re free to go." the doctor says

You grab the baby and James grabs your bags and balloons and all things you received. Kendall went around to get the car as you see him pull up you see him get out and help you.

"The nursery is all set up for the baby Kaine." he says as he takes the baby and puts him in his car seat. You walk around to the other side of the car and get in. James gets in the passengers side and you drape your one arm over the car seat and just watch your son sleep. You and Kendall drop off James and then you go straight home. As soon as you get home Kendall grabs your stuff as you get baby Kaine out of the car seat. Kendall opens the door to your guys’ house.

"Welcome home baby." you say to Kaine as Kendall comes up behind you and rests his head in the crook of your neck looking at Kaine.

"It’s weird to know that the both of us made that." he says

"What’s really weird is that I have 2 of the same face." you say.

"He does look like me a bit doesn’t he?" Kendall asks

"Well duh!" you say "Can you take him up to his crib?" you ask him

"Yeah. I can. Are you hungry or something?" he asks

"Yeah. I’m just going to warm up some chicken broth."

"Alright." He says as you hand him Kaine and he makes his way upstairs to the crib.

You warm up some chicken broth and head upstairs to go lay down in bed and you hear Kendall either talking or singing. You peak your head into Kaine’s room and see Kendall standing there holding your son as he sings “Walk Like You” from the jungle book and you just know that Kendall is going to make an amazing father from the way he’s looking at Kaine.

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